Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161031

Life Drawing_Long Pose 01_WIP_20161031

I started today by erasing the bad shading mark on the shoulder I made last week. The idea is that no shades at all. At most only a single tone. 

I also got some important concept pointed out to me by a previous student. The reason why we are focusing on the shadow lines and light shapes is because we are preparing for painting for the next 2 years.

So the method simply put is that we get the outline with simple brush strokes only, then put in blocks of colors with anticipated value, premixed. This is why we are only allowed to put down shadow lines and light shapes. Thus, "Getting as close as it is to the visual impression at every stage. "

Until tomorrow. Skål!

long posese _wip_20161031

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