My new Bargue is already giving me brain twisters. I just don't seem to group my light shape the way our instructors do. This is frustration added from the previous trimester, not making a good decision on my separation of light and shadow shapes. I'm always thinking about this but no break through yet. 

Please do let me know if any of you have any thoughts on that.  

I'm also trying to work faster and not worry too much if I got the width and height correct the first time. I'm working for the big impression, hoping that will help me see what's off much easier and a over all much more balanced image with values.


The light shape of the stomach (images above) was perhaps better described with a more diagonal line along the left side of the rib cage (images below). Consulted a lovely fellow student for advice on this light shape decision. I think it works much better this way.



The division line between the right chest and the torso was not useful for representing the big impression, just as the lines dividing the left thigh from the body. They both need to be lightened up to describe a better impression.
Bargue plate with reference

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